Insurance Implications
of Impaired Driving

Not only does impaired driving carry a criminal record along with many other fines, fees and implications, it would also have a drastic impact on your car insurance.

Every insurance company varies in how they set their insurance premiums and have different policies, but all refer to your Driver’s Abstract (driving record) to determine insurance rates. Having an impaired driving criminal offence on your driving record will generally result in an insurance company cancelling your insurance coverage for up to 3 years from the date of your conviction. If they choose to insure you after the 3 years, premiums can be double or triple what you were paying before the impaired driving charge. There are non-profit insurance organizations that will insure a person, no matter what their record is like, but the rate is assessed on a case by case basis and a criminal charge of impaired driving will cost a driver up to four times what they were initially paying for insurance! In this economy, the insurance implications alone are likely going to add up to more than hiring a lawyer to defend you in court.

If there was an accident involved with your impaired driving charge, it is likely that any accident claim will be denied meaning that any damage to the accused person’s car would not be covered by the insurance company and all claims for damages will be void. Insurance companies are still responsible for third party coverage to any other car involved in the collision, but they have the right to sue you for the amount paid out to the third parties.

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