Public Outreach: Preventative Options

Many people may be wondering why Traffic Ticket Solutions is spending a lot of its time with public awareness and education for DUI offences. The fact of the matter is that drinking and driving kills hundreds of people every year. We strongly believe that there are some things in life that are more important than money. We are always striving to operate in the most moral and ethical manners possible and would love the day that we would not be required to offer services for DUI any longer. The majority of our clients that retain us for DUI cases feel that they have either been wrongly accused or that there were errors made in the charges laid against them.

At Traffic Ticket Solutions, every client that retains us for a DUI matter receives a full information package with places they can turn to for help, increase their awareness along with education and options to help them make better decisions in the future. All of this information is also listed in detail at the bottom of this page for reference for the general public to assist in the movement to stop drinking and driving.

Think before you drink and research the below options — we challenge you to make the right decisions about drinking and driving and put us out of business!

Preventative Options

  • 1.888.Taxi.Guy

    1-888-TAXIGUY has 17,500 taxicabs operating under this single phone number and is available in over 700 cities and towns across Canada.

    They have harnessed the power of telecommunication technology to create one of the most unique and powerful drinking and driving solutions in the world.

    Taxi Dollars is their newest program to promote taxicab use across the country and help eliminate drinking and driving.

  • Eco-cab

    The environmentally friendly, pedal-powered taxi fleet known for providing free rides to consumers while reducing traffic congestion and the cities carbon footprint along with offering a free ride option for anyone who has been drinking.

  • Fun Alcohol Free Drink Recipes

  • Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk

  • 8 Tips For Helping Prevent Drinking and Driving

Education and Information

  • Back on Track Program

    The education program helps participants learn about:

    • Understand how alcohol and other drugs affect driving performance and safety
    • The legal and personal consequences of an impaired driving conviction
    • Ways to avoid to drinking and driving

    The treatment program helps participants to:

    • How alcohol and other drugs affect driving performance and safety
    • Learn about, and take responsibility for, their alcohol and drug use and its consequences
    • Commit to reducing or stopping problem use of alcohol and drugs
    • Plan to avoid relapses and make healthier choices
    • Ways to avoid drinking and driving
  • Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse

    CCSA provides access to a range of information and analysis relating to substance abuse issues, and connects Canadians to a broad spectrum of networks and activities.

  • FACE Project

    Supports sensible alcohol policies and practices through the development of messages, strategies and training designed to create public awareness and action on alcohol issues. FACE envisions a nation where public policy, community organizations and individuals come together to reduce the negative effects of underage drinking and the misuse and abuse of alcohol by adults.

  • Impaired Driving Knowledge Quiz


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