Traffic Ticket Solutions
is a Real Law Firm

Traffic Ticket Solutions is operated by Home & Castle Law Firm. This means that unlike a lot of our competitors, we are operated by an actual law firm and have a lawyer on staff available to consult with our paralegal for serious offences. We feel that having the combined expertise of both a lawyer and a paralegal is a huge asset in building a defence for all traffic ticket matters. For further information on how our team can help you, please fill out an online request for a free quote.

Home & Castle Law Firm can not only help you find the best solution for your traffic ticket needs, but can also provide a full range of services including: real estate law; corporate law, litigation, wills and more. We bring a full spectrum of legal practice to the table, helping you achieve all of your goals in one convenient location. Please visit the law firm website at or for specific information, please visit our Real Estate or Wills and Estate information pages.

X-Copper Services Inc* Goes Bankrupt

In light of the bankruptcy of X-Copper Services Inc. in May 2008, Traffic Ticket Solutions is one of the only traffic ticket defense companies that is both owned and operated by a law firm. As a law firm, we have always been regulated by the Law Society of Upper Canada and abide by their rules and regulations. We are truly upset by how the bankruptcy of X-Copper Services Inc. has reflected on the market and hope that you will give us a chance to prove our professionalism, excellent customer service and result generating approach.

X-Copper Services Inc* Clients Discount

In courtesy to former X-Copper Services Inc. clients, we would like to offer our empathy and a discount for those of you who wish to obtain legal representation for your traffic tickets in Ontario. If you were a former X-Copper Services Inc. client and would like to take advantage of this discount, please fill out an online request for a free quote

Still Thinking of Hiring the Competitors?

We believe that the combination of our excellent customer service and our competitive prices make us the best value in fighting traffic tickets! So much so, that we challenge all of our customers to call up the competition and compare! Call 1-877-TTS-WINS today for a free no obligation quote and consultation or fill out an online request for a free quote.

Beware of “We Win or it’s Free“ Guarantees

As of May 1st 2007, paralegals became regulated by the Law Society of Upper Canada. Part of this new regulation means that paralegals are no longer able to offer a “we win or it’s free“ money back guarantee. If a traffic ticket fighting company in Ontario is offering you a money back guarantee, we suggest you be very wary as this offer is contrary to current regulations.

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* Any reference to X-Copper Services Inc is not a reference direct or indirect to the new X-Copper Legal Services Professional Corporation entity.