Insurance Implications

Insurance companies do not look at the amount of demerit points on your record, but at the type and amount of convictions on your record. Most insurance companies will forgive one or two minor infractions on your record, but will raise your rates for multiple tickets and major infractions. This means that if you receive your very first ticket, which happens to be for speeding at 30km/hr over the limit and you just pay the fine, your insurance can raise dramatically for the three years this ticket is on your record. 30 over the limit will likely be considered a major infraction by your insurance company, where even 1 km less (29 km/hr) over the limit would likely have no affect on your insurance at all! The only way to have a chance to have this ticket reduced (and even the possibility of eliminating it completely) is to fight this ticket in court.

Not only will insurance companies raise their rates for single major infractions on your record, but they will also hike up your rates for multiple traffic tickets received. If you receive a very minor speeding ticket for 10km/hr over the limit and also received tickets for not having your insurance card on hand or having an improper sticker on your licence plate, you may think that just paying the tickets is the best idea since they are all minor with no demerit points. The problem here is that by paying the fines, you are pleading guilty to the offences and you will receive multiple convictions on your driving record. Many insurance companies’ rates can as much as triple with this many convictions on your record and some insurance companies will stop insuring you altogether for as little as 3 minor infractions on your record!

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