Other Traffic Ticket Implications

Fines, Licence Suspensions and Jail Time

More serious traffic tickets carry hefty fines associated with them that may not be listed on the ticket. If you received a summons to defendant, the fine amount will not be listed and you will have to go into the court to plead guilty or not. If you plead guilty to one of these offences you could be facing fines from $500 up to $10,000! Many of these traffic tickets will also carry licence suspensions once you are convicted and even possible jail time. Before you admit guilt to any Ontario traffic ticket, find out what the exact penalties are for your offence so that you can make an educated decision on how you want to proceed.

Legal Errors and Officer Mistakes

The Ontario Highway Traffic Act (HTA) is very detailed and since only a small portion of an officer’s training is focused on the HTA, it can be easily misinterpreted by police officers. Police officers are sometimes wrong, so if you pay the fine on a traffic ticket, you may be pleading guilty to an offence you did not even commit! Also, there are a number of fatal errors that an officer could make on the face of the traffic ticket or legal errors in the evidence against you that could help have the ticket eliminated. Having a professional examine your case and analyze the officer’s disclosure is the best way to find any errors in law or anything that can help get you the best possible result for your traffic ticket case.

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