Sue F. – Toronto

“Hi Dora and Melissa,

“I retained your services to assist in fighting two traffic offenses from March 2008. I received notice today in the mail that the speeding charge had been dropped, and the other charge greatly reduced and neither charge would impose points against my driving record.

“I am thrilled with the results of your defense on my behalf! I am quite certain in representing myself, I would not have had a similar outcome. The up-charge my insurance company would have levied against my annual rate would surely have been more than the cost to have Traffic Ticket Solutions take on this case.

“Not only did you save me money, insurance increases, and my driving Record, but you saved me time and peace of mind. I have a very demanding job and schedule, and taking time out to represent myself in court -- sitting all day while other cases are reviewed - was something I was not looking forward to. And let's face it - going to court is a stressful thing and not a whole lotta fun.

“I am certain to retain your services again and recommend you highly to others. Thanks again for your work - cheers!”

Ian S. – Toronto

“Thanks for the note. Very happy with the outcome. I will be sure to recommend you to friends.”

Michael M. – Markham

“Melissa, just received your email regarding the disposition of my speeding ticket. I can’t tell you how elated I was to learn that the ticket and charge had been withdrawn completely. Typically in the scenario of a 30 over speeding ticket the conviction is reduced rather than completely dismissed.

“In today’s uncertain economy and insurance issues, not having a ticket on my record has saved hundreds of dollars. I will be sure to advise my friends and colleagues of your professional services when the circumstances arise.”

Howard K. – Mississauga

“I cannot thank you enough for the excellent and professional service I have received from your firm. Your prompt attention to my needs and your subsequent actions, especially given the minimal notice I gave you to prepare, is beyond any expectations that I had. And even above all of that, the ethics and overall client focused philosophy demonstrated so clearly in my interactions with Sarai, has practically left me with my mouth openned in disbelief.

“If I should ever have a similar ticket situation in the future (hopfully not), I can't see myself making any other phone calls other than to Traffic Ticket Solutions (Home & Castle Law Firm). I have already started spreading the news to my friends regarding the experience I've had with you and would jump to recommend your services to anyone I know who may find themselves seeking assistance regarding a driving related legal issue.”

Suzie B. – Toronto

“I had gotten a speeding ticket. I didn't want this on my insurance. So I called Traffic Ticket Solutions, they were so nice over the phone and they fully dismissed my speeding ticket without me even going to court! I would recommend them to anyone. If you want the job done and avoid tickets being on your record call Traffic Ticket Solutions.”

Andrew – Toronto

“You are absolutey the best. I will recommend your services to anyone that is willing to listen. Sincerely Thank You!!”

Afsaneh T. – Toronto

“I hope I will never need to use your services again personally, but I will definitely recommend it to everyone. Even though the time limit I gave you was short, I received nothing but the best service. Communication, responses and every person I spoke to in your organization was absolutely professional and gracious. Many thanks to you.

“On behalf of myself and Arman, I thank Traffic Ticket Solutions and their staff and wish you all a great deal of prosperity.”

V.Z. – Mississauga

“Traffic Ticket Solutions is the best! Thank you very much for this very good, excellent news! I cannot believe it! I'm really very grateful to you and all the staff. You are the best!”

A.Z. – Mississauga (Wife of client above)

“Very Gratefull to you and to Traffic Ticket Solutions! I would like to express my gratitude to you and all the staff for the excellent work and wonderful results. Thank you very much! Traffic Ticket Solutions is the best!”

Lisa G. – Richmond Hill

“Thank you very much for this great news! I will definitely recommend you to others should the need arise. I hope not to have to use your services in the future but I would certainly do so if needed! Thanks Again.”

Khurshed – Richmond Hill

“Thank you for sending me the confirmation of disposition of my case. I would also like to mention my appreciation for your quick response whenever I called and for patiently providing me with clear answers to my questions every time.”

Bradley H. – Toronto

“Thanks Sarai - I am obviously very pleased with this outcome. I will certainly be recommenting Traffic TIcket Solutions and would use you again in the future”

Rob F. – Toronto

“Thank you and your firm. Excellent Results!”

Rob F. – Toronto (Repeat Client!)

“Fantastic you guys rock...thanks very much for your assistance.”

Ian B. – Alton

“Thanks for the achievement. The results met the expectation and I am sure you have saved me significant long term costs.”

Eva C. – Toronto

“That was money well spent. I would like to thank you for your efforts on my behalf. I have you in my contacts but of course I hope that I will not need you again!”

Walter C. – Tottenham

“Thank you Sarai, I will certainly pass on your fine works to my colleagues. Thanks again and good luck with the next one.”

Sean T. – Kitchener

“Excellent, thanks so much! Hopefully I won't need your assistance in the future, but if I do, you can be sute that I'll be coming to you. :)”

Diana N. – Mississauga

“Thank you very much for the news. Thank you also to Traffic Ticket Solutions for the quality of their services. Thank You!”

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