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Traffic Ticket Solutions
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Traffic Ticket Solutions Law Firm is your solution for fighting Toronto traffic tickets and Ontario traffic tickets! Our traffic ticket team delivers excellent results in areas of speeding ticketscareless driving ticketsracing or stunt drivingred light ticketsstop sign traffic ticketsdriving while under suspensioninsurance violations and any other traffic ticket or moving violation. Every traffic ticket case is unique and individual, we offer personalized solutions for every traffic ticket case. Call 1.877.TTS.WINS or fill out our online quote to receive a free consultation and quote today!

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Legal and Paralegal Services

owned and operated by Home and Castle law firm
Traffic Ticket Solutions is one of the few Ontario traffic ticket companies operated by an actual law firm. Being a law firm means we have a lawyer on staff available to consult with our paralegal for serious offences. In most cases, a paralegal does appear in court for our clients as they usually have the specific training in the Highway Traffic Act. Having the combined expertise of both a lawyer and a paralegal is a huge asset in building a defence for traffic ticket matters.

Home & Castle Law Firm can not only help you find the best solution for your traffic ticket needs, but can also provide a full range of services including: real estate law, corporate law, wills, litigation and more. We bring a full spectrum of legal practice to the table, helping you achieve all of your goals in one convenient location. Please visit the law firm website at

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What we do

We are very experienced in fighting Toronto traffic tickets, and Ontario traffic tickets including speeding tickets, careless driving, stunt driving, racing, insurance, impaired driving / DUI.

Who we are

Owned and operated by Home & Castle Law Firm, our professional team (lawyer, paralegal, clerks) works in conjunction with licenced paralegals, former police officers and former prosecutors. We have the combined experience and success at beating traffic tickets like yours!

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Our personalized quotes offer honest and upfront solutions for your specific traffic ticket case with no hidden costs. We fight for a complete elimination of every traffic ticket (unlike some of our competitors) and offer the best possible value, customer service and results!


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Speeding tickets

Our Promise to You

From our free quote & consultation, you will walk away with a detailed description of your traffic ticket charge and a list of unique solutions to fight your traffic ticket. This includes:
Demerit points that accompany the ticket if convicted of the charge.
How your insurance may be affected if you are convicted of the charge.
Our all-inclusive flat rate fee for fighting your traffic ticket.
Anything else that may be specific to your Ontario traffic ticket case that could increase your chances of eliminating the ticket off of your record.
Remember, if the ticket isn’t on your record, your insurance company may never know!*

You deserve honesty and integrity and we never make false promises. Daily customer satisfaction is proof of success.Call 1.877.TTS.WINS to experience our highly successful solutions for yourself!

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940 The East Mall, Suite 202
Toronto, ON, M9B 6J7

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416-240-1500 ext. 301

Professional, experienced, and determined

“I had gotten a speeding ticket. I didn’t want this on my insurance so I called Traffic Ticket Solutions. They were so nice over the phone and they fully dismissed my speeding ticket without me even going to court! I would recommend them to anyone. If you want the job done and avoid tickets being on your record call Traffic Ticket Solutions.”

– Suzie B.,Toronto

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