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At Traffic Ticket Solutions Law Firm we know every case is unique. That is why we personalize our quotes and let you know what our success rate is for your type of case. Call our professional staff at Traffic Ticket Solutions for a free consultation and we can help you understand your charge and inform you of the consequences of pleading guilty. We will offer you different solutions to suit your specific needs.

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We offer consultations, (in person, over the phone and via email) filing for a court date, ordering of the officer’s disclosure, preparing and filing of any required motions and court documents, multiple appearances, research and general representation. We go into each and every case fighting for complete elimination of your traffic ticket case by analyzing the officer’s disclosure and using our expertise and experience to build you a solid defence.


If you have received a conviction based upon a court error, or through no fault of your own, we can help re-open your case and save you money on costly appeals and insurance increases. We will draft all the needed paperwork, prepare affidavits to be commissioned and attend court to argue your re-opening for you.


If you went to trial for a ticket and disagree with the outcome, we can help try to reverse the conviction and give you another chance to dispute the charge. We draft, file and serve your appeal. If your appeal is granted, we will fight your ticket as outlined above.

Impaired Driving/DUI

Traffic Ticket Solutions can offer you the advice and strong defence you need for any drinking and driving related offence in Ontario. We have an experienced team (lawyer, paralegal and administrative staff) ready to provide you with a free consultation and offer you the guidance you require through this difficult time. Please visit our DUI pages for further information on your offence and the penalties you could be facing.

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*Please note that all disbursements, filing fees and transcripts are not included in the quoted price.

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